Single Wall Petrol Pipes

Our petrol pipes come in small to medium dimensions suitable for pressure or suctions lines, ventilation, vapor recovery up to larger 110 mm (4 inch) pipes suitable for fill lines at filling stations.

All our petrol pipes have the same permeation barrier that keeps fuel from diffusing through the pipe wall. Our permeation rates are so low, they are basically non-existent. Our plastic fuel pipe was the first to be approved to EN 14125 and recently we also were approved in Germany, where zero permeation is required.

As one of few manufacturers in the industry we can supply electrostatically safe plastic pipes with a conductive (dissipative) lines that prevent static build-up that otherwise occur when fuel flows in non-conductive pipes on the filling station. KPS conductive pipes thus provide a unique yet basic safety level that should be considered for all filling stations.


Double Wall Petrol Pipes

In our double wall pipe system, the primary, inner pipe is the same high class pipe as for single
wall solutions, put inside a slightly bigger secondary pipe. Thus the space between the pipes can be
monitored to make sure no leaks occur from the primary pipe. As environmental awareness increases, more and more oil companies start using secondary contained pipes. Legislations in some countries demand that only secondary contained pipes are used on filling stations.

At KPS, we put our customers’ demands first, and therefore we supply, in addition to our standard lengths, double wall coils at custom lengths to ensure flexibility and cost efficiency on the site.