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KPS LPG Pipe System

LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is regarded as a green alternative to petrol in some countries, and
sometimes benefitting from tax incentives which makes it an attractive choice for car owners. Recognizing the growing market for this “green” fuel in many countries, in 2009 we introduced the world’s first plastic LPG pipe system.

The KPS LPG pipe is made of high density polyethylene or HDPE, and designed for the high pressures used in LPG distribution. Designed for pressures up to 25 bars and a pressure test of up to 40 bars, our LPG pipe meets the high standards of safety in the LPG industry.

The permeation barrier and a conductive plastic liner ensure that there will be no permeation of the
hydrocarbons, and that static electricity can dissipate safely.


With KPS LPG Pipes You Get…

No corrosion.
The KPS LPG pipe with its protective liner is completely corrosion resistant. Steel pipes and other pipes may corrode both on the outside and on the inside, creating problems with particles damaging the dispensers, and possible leakages into the soil. KPS now provides a solution to this problem.

Quick and easy installation.
The KPS LPG pipe is a semi flexible plastic pipe, easily rolled out into the trenches of the station from end to end, and then connected to the tank and dispensers. Although resistant and tough, the pipe can be bent on site to be fitted to tanks and dispensers. No welding or complicated installation procedures are needed, and the installation can be completed in less than one day!

30 year warranty on the pipe. KPS provides a 30 year warranty for corrosion resistance of the LPG pipe. No other LPG pipe offer this feature, and it is a proof of the advantage of plastic over steel, and the exceptional performance of KPS liner technology.

Lower cost and higher return on investment.
Product and installation costs are kept at a minimum with the new KPS LPG pipe. Since the estimated life time of the pipe is over 30 years, KPS LPG pipes provide lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment than any other LPG pipe on the market.