Leak Detection

Maintenance-free operation.
The KPS leak detection system is a passive system, much like a smoke detector in your home, standing by always ready to detect a leak, but with no intermediate pressurisation. This means there are no for gas bottles or compressors that require periodic maintenance and changing, and no spare parts to change. Once installed, the KPS leak detection system will monitor your system, and you don’t have to think about maintenance.

Retro-fit possible.
As the system is installed in the tank chambers and simply connected to the double wall pipes, the KPS leak detection is ideal for retro-fitting, i e installation on already existing stations. Thus KPS offers a simple and low cost way of increasing the safety and environmental protection of any existing site equipped with double wall piping.

Cost efficient.
One alarm unit can monitor up to 6 tank compartments. By limiting the equipment needed for a full system, we keep the investment costs down.

Visual and audio alarm.
Leaks are indicated by sound alarm and a red light indicating in which tank chamber the leakage has been detected. The alarm function can easily be tested with a button for each tank chamber.

Approved to EN 13160-4 class 3.
European standard for leak detection systems for petrol stations.

No leakage tolerance.
KPS leak detection system will detect any leak, however small it is. Most of the pressurized leak detection systems in the world, especially those that are integrated in the submersible pump systems, have a “fuel loss margin” that in practice could allow several liters of fuel to leak out every day, without being detected and signalled by the system. When using the KPS leak detection you can be assured not even the smallest leak will go unnoticed!