Welding Sockets

KPS welding sockets are intuitive and easy to use, provide compact installation solutions and are of the best quality. We are especially proud of our welding sockets for double wall pipes that allows the installer
to join both the primary and secondary pipes in one welding operation, saving up to 10 minutes per joint compared to the standard fittings of our competitors.

We manufacture our welding sockets in our factory in Kungsör with tolerances that closely match those of the pipes produced a few meters away. Pipes and sockets are continuously tested together to ensure strength and welding performance is up to our standards.

Transition Fittings

KPS plastic-to-steel transition fittings allow for safe connection of the pipes to tank manhole covers, dispensers, ventilation stacks and fill points. We carry several ranges including special flanges, threaded plastic/steel fittings, DIN flanges with plastic stub flanges and various types of compression fittings, all so that petrol retailers all countries can find a solution to their particular local needs and standards.

Bends and tees

Wether you want a compact elbow or the superior flow characteristics and permeation values of our formed bends we have a product for your needs. KPS double wall tees provide full interstitial space and secondary containment of a permeation protected tee. Naturally we also have conductive bends and tees to go with our conductive pipes.