Ethanol & Other Biofuels

KPS pipes can be used for any type of liquid biofuel. We also have fittings suitable for the different types of biofuel. Ask us if you need advice on what products to use in each particular case.


Biofuels have come into focus in recent years, first because of worries about the limited supply of oil, then later due to the debate regarding climate control. Several different tracks are followed in the development of substitutes for petrol, some of which are alcohols such as ethanol and methanol, biodiesels including FAME (Fatty acid methyl ester) and other substances, coming from sugar canes, cellulose, rape seed and other primary sources.

Some biofuels may increase the level of static electricity generated by fuel flow. Make sure you use KPS conductive pipes for these types of fuels.

Ethanol and Methanol Blends

The increased use of ethanol in the petrol business put higher demands on both plastic and metal components. Low grade blending of 5-10% increase the fuel’s permeability compared to ordinary petrol. Higher blends, like for example E85 or Superethanol, increase the corrosiveness and inflammability of the fuel.

All KPS pipes have been tested with ethanol and methanol blends, to ensure compatibility and maintained quality. Tests have been done according to EN14125, and all products tested passed. As the EU is developing standard testing for materials used for E85 and other bio-fuels, KPS will continue our tradition of being the first manufacturer to be approved to the new standards.

All KPS pipes and plastic fittings are compatible with the existing and possible future biofuels.