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Q320T 1P/2H/2D

The Quantum 320 range pf multi-product fuel dispenser has been developed to help you maximize the efficiency of your service station. In line with the latest filling station requirement, this range compromises various models and options and is approved for most markets across the world in order to satisfy all your needs.

Through design innovation and the use of selected, proven components and a comprehensive set of options and peripherals, this product range will exceed your requirements.

Standard features
Lane or islands orientation.
TM 80 piston meter with integrated MP T1 pulser.
Maximum flow Base Model (40 L/min), High Speed (80 L/min), Very high speed (130 L/min)
TQP rotary vane or gear type suction pump.
TMC-X calculator incorporating Tokheim UDC and IFSF protocols.
Backlit LCD display with 6 digits for price and volume and 4 digits for unit price
Unit price display per product.
Volume and amount preset functionality with use of solenoid control valves.
State of the art nozzles for different speeds.
Hanging hose with 4.5m effective nozzle reach.
Black hoses for different speeds.
Nozzle mounted non-reusable break away couplings.
Corrosion protected through pre-treated carbon steel cladding.

Available in :

  • 1 Product, 2 Nozzles, 2 Displays
  • 2 Product, 2 Nozzles, 4 Displays
REMOTE Q320T 1P/2H/2D 775 Type (Amount 7, Volume 7, Price 5)